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Pet Shop

Our pet shop provides a wide range of accessories (chains, leashes, collars, flex leashes, choke chains, show leads etc.) cosmetics (shampoos, deodorants, perfumes, gels, powders, sprays, grooming gels etc.) treats (biscuits, chews, bones, soft treats, chicken jelly etc.) grooming items (brushes, combs, sleekers etc.) all brands of dog food (Royal canin, pedigree, Eukanuba, Canobits, Sabor and vida, Meradog, Classic, Nutripet, Propac, Propet etc.). We also provide facility for customized dog tags with his names, owner details etc. in various shapes and sizes. Different summer and winter dresses and beddings are also available to pamper your pets.

Through a vast range of good breeders high quality disease free pups are made available to the interested owners.

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